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I loved having all 3 instructors teach me during my 101 and 103 series. All the instructors had different teaching styles, and it is the little things that I remember. Capt Bob's easygoing nature was really reassuring for newbie’s. And after the 101 test in Hayden Bay, we sailed off the anchor and made quick rolling tacks back and forth to get out onto the river. One of those magic moments when it all goes together flawlessly. Capt Dee was the calm in the storm (well, actually only some wind gusts), and her style was to make us think for ourselves - if it doesn't work one way, do it the other way. Capt Brigg was the one who put it all together, with multiple spontaneous "cushion overboard" drills, and the 360 degree maneuver, that I had not done before. I finally understood how each point of sail links to the next.

I have loved sailing with passion yachts, and have gone from totally new sailor to one planning my round the world cruise (departure day July 4th, 2020). In only 6 months ! I am hooked !

Thanks to all for my new passion.


Beneteau 343 "Joannie"Beneteau 343, Portland Oregon

"The photo attached is of my brother and I in front of my boat, Joannie, after making a passage from Portland to Neah Bay on the Straight of Juan de Fuca. Our Beneteau 343 that my wife and I purchased from Mike Fitzhugh 3 years ago performed beautifully. It's the latest in a succession of boats I've bought and sold through Sailing Life, the predecessor to Passion Yachts. In many ways, this relationship, built over the years, is really closer to that of friendship centered on sailing, than a strictly business arrangement."


Sincerely, James Thomas

38 Irwin, Portland OregonIrwin 38 "Absolut"

Dear Mike – We are loving our boat.   I still notice the occasional boats for sale. No surprise as we had been looking off and on for the past three years.  Thanks for being so low key about a sale.
Certainly we are pleased to be through the buying process but on reflection (our first time with a broker) it was easy and comfortable.  We did stumble onto some problems during the survey and, again, the negotiation was straightforward and comfortable. I am suspicious by nature and was concerned that you would not find a win/win solution when your primary duty would be to the seller. I was very pleased with the result.
Now I see that you are a broker of great talent who views your work in the long term. The sellers had used you previously and we will use you in the future. Thank you for making the sale so easy on all of us and also for the guidance and suggestions that went beyond the sale.

Sincerely,Terry and Barr

38 HunterHunter 380 "Angel"

During the summer of 2007 I was standing with Mike Fitzhugh on his dock, by the Island Cafe, as an attractive Hunter 38 sailed by. I asked Mike about the boat and he said that he might be getting it listed and that he would let me know. One week later I purchased the boat. The thing that impressed me in my dealings with Mike and his team is that they get transactions done, and done quickly. He is very knowledgeable in regards to the sailing industry and is really "tied in" to the local market. A personable, honest individual who I would highly recommend if one is looking to either purchase or sell a yacht in the Columbia River region.

Sincerely, Henry


Beneteau 37, Portland OregonBeneteau 37 "Break N Wind"

Execution is what puts a smile on a customers face and our buying experience with Mike Fitzhugh and his team at Passion Yachts was a pleasant one. From the initial inquiry of which boat fit our needs, Mike's sailing experience and knowledge about his products was impressive and gave us the confidence to move forward with our new Beneteau 37 purchase. Each step through the purchasing and closing process was concise and without surprises. Passion Yachts focused on spending post purchase sailing time with our family to advance our comfort, knowledge and satisfaction with our new sailboat. From the follow up warranty work to just answering the many questions we had, Mike and his sales and servicing team were passionate, responsive and professional in their work.

Thanks Mike and team for a great experience. Jeff

Catalina 36 "Proximo"

Linda and I shopped around for our sailboat for about eight years.  We visited boat sales locations up and down the coast of Oregon and Washington.  Our search led us to meet several sales people and deal with several different Boat Sales organizations. 
Some of the sales people we met were borderline rude.  Some wanted to force us toward buying a boat that they wanted us to buy instead of trying to help us find what was right for us. Others were helpful and caring.  The best of them seemed to work at Passion Yachts. They became our friends and advisers.
We both feel that dealing with Passion Yachts has been a pleasant experience.  We have enjoyed meeting the people and felt that you made our experience comfortable, which was important to us considering that we were making a serious investment.  We both wish Passion Yachts the best of luck in the future.  If we ever buy another sail boat, we'll be sure to check with you first.

Best wishes for the future... B

Beneteau 393Beneteau 39 "Grace"

Passion Yachts thanks so much for all the help you have been, all the way from our purchase of “Grace” to your assistance with our trips from Alaska to Mexico. We have had some fantastic voyages on the perfect yacht. “Grace” has been an absolute joy, a great sailor and a great place to hang our hats, enjoy the margaritas and the sunsets. Mikes relationships with the contractors that outfitted our boat were extremely helpful, and we wanted to thank Mike and his crew at Passion Yachts again for going out of there way to be there when needed. “Grace” is in La Paz, and we are anxious to return to her next fall.

Thanks Passion Yachts, Paul and Judy Witzke


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